Landscape Management

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Landscape Management

Landscape Management | American Arbor Tree Care Professionals - Davis, CA

Many properties, including HOA’s, golf courses and commercial complexes, can benefit greatly utilizing a management plan created by American Arbor. This tool, which begins with an inventory of existing trees and their needs, enable the property manager to recognize and prioritize maintenance tasks so that needs may be addresses over time, within budget and have true merit.

American Arbor takes great pride in avoiding superfluous tasks and those that actually result in increased maintenance over time. This is especially the case with regard to pruning: much of what we see is simply contraindicated, and for a plethora of reasons.

Management plans by American Arbor address only the true pruning needs and other factors influencing each tree’s health and structure. A management plan also identifies non-sustainable plants; including those in decline, the vulnerable, hazardous tress, location issues and hardscape conflicts.

The phasing out of non-sustainable landscape trees and shrubs allows for their replacement with well-chosen plants perfectly suited to location, enhancing beauty, diversity and value over time.

Management plans by American Arbor allow Davis and Sacramento property owners and managers to avoid the expense and impact of unnecessary pruning, and serve to provide focus into the real needs of their gardens over time. American Arbor offers a glimpse into the future and tailors a plan that optimizes that future.

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