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Since 1982, American Arbor has worked proudly in the tree care industry with keen interest in both the quality and the practicality of services we offer.

Because all landscapes represent significant investments initially and over time; and because such investments are intended to beautify properties while enhancing value, maintenance tasks should have clearly defined objectives which preserve and increase that value, and never detract from it.

American Arbor takes great pride in offering tree management tasks and plans that make good sense; avoiding excessive and/or damaging practices, which unfortunately remain quite common in the green industry. While we receive many requests to perform various unnecessary and deleterious tasks, we are proud to avoid them, and work instead to serve our clients’ long-term interests. Our service is comprehensive. We see more than the unobvious pruning of your valuable landscape trees and other plants. Preserving and enhancing your landscape’s beauty and potential requires consideration of the growing environment, and an eye for the future.

Without question, unnecessary, poorly executed and excessive pruning are among the chief stressors your landscape trees are subject to. Let American Arbor help you see the real needs of your valuable landscape plants. We know trees, and can help you know them too.

There are of course plenty of legitimate pruning needs in landscape trees and other plants, and provided such work is carried out properly, your trees structure, longevity and appearance may be enhanced. American Arbor employs only highly skilled arborists and tree workers, certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, to ensure your trees receive the precise, conservative attention they deserve.

From roses to redwoods, if it grows, we know how to care for it properly.

Matthew Moore
Certified Arborist # 761
International Society of Arboriculture
Contractors License #672627

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